Monday, February 11, 2013

Etched Glass Beer Logo

Etched Glass Door With Beer Logo
For One Awesome Home Brewer And My Sweet Hubby
Just Because
I wanted to do something very special for my husband for anniversary present.
 I had an idea.
He loves beer, not just likes beer but loves it; at times I think he has this special connection with this drink.
OK , he's in love. There! 
So, I decided to etched the front glass door of the little fridge we have and use to keep yummy home brew and wine.
I let him choose and play around with a logo he really liked and I did the rest.
This is not our logo.
We do not own copy rights for this.
 It was only used for personal home project not for sale.
 So, he played around with this logo and changed few things around and we came up with the final logo like this:

1. Print the picture the size you need
2.Clean the glass surface,let dry
3.Place it where you need it,tape it in place
4.Put sticky paper(Con-Tact,from the kitchen section at Target) under the picture like this:

Let it go way past the logo, the etching cream will drip some since it's a vertical surface.
Note: You can print the picture on the sticky paper(works on small projects,small pictures), but in my experience, it will be very difficult to place it horizontally straight.
5. Cut out with sharp scalpel the pieces you want to be etched
6. Apply the etch cream all over the logo,wait for 15min to 30min
Wear gloves, mask, work in well ventilated area
The Etch cream BURNS
Read instructions

7. IMPORTANT Remove the etch cream from the surface FIRST , (keep your gloves on); I used wet wipes
Note: If you peel off the sticky paper first and then you wipe and clean the etch cream you will end up with random etched parts all over, trust me, I've learned the hard way over the time.
Enjoy your masterpiece!!!

Enjoy some Home Brew!!!
I just love how it looks and how much it means to my husband.
And most of all, after he realized it takes me a long time to cut out pieces with a scalpel, I think he's getting me the new and awesome  Silhouette Cameo.
You've got to love a guy like that!!!
Love to all and
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