Friday, December 16, 2011

I "Hate" Lima Beans Wreath

Ahhhhh guys night out. Kids asleep. Ahhhhhhhh
Crafting ON BABY!!!
I can't and should not complain, I have a stash of ideas in my brainy-bank and all the nights in the world. And a good glass of wine. So here's what I made on a night like this, just because I don't have anything else to do, right?

The Idea

I usually get my ideas from creations around me, on line, in a magazine, in a book, from an  imaginative kids play or just plan and simple as some creative existing form, if you can follow me what I'm saying. This idea was just recreating one of my fellow creative people bloggers idea and making yes Lima Beans Wreath for Christmas . So here it is again , how it looks at the end and read on if you are curious to learn how to make one of this beauties, seriously!

The Process

This craft took no more than two hours in total.Turn on a good movie, pour yourself a drink and it's done before you know it.
I used large lima beans (bought for something like $1.30 or so), foam ring from JoAnn's for $2.50 with coupon and hot glue sticks(I used 4 glue sticks in total for a big glue gun).

Start by gluing the lima beans in one direction around the foam ring ,direction you choose like this:

Wine may help calm the nerves when you realize you have 5000 lima beans to go ;0)

And after this is bean after bean, after bean, after bean, after bean, after bean, after bean, you still there?Have I lost you yet? It took me two hours to finish and I got to admire this at the end :

Finished,no paint yet!

My first choice was to paint it light blue having in mind frosty, snowy, white day. Here is how it looked after two quick coats of light blue spray paint(Valspar,Satin Encounter):

The question here is would it look better in red, green, teal, purple or....? You get the idea. So here we are in burgundy(Krylon,gloss,burgundy):

I like it even better like this, it looks great don't you think?
 So go ahead and try your luck, make one of this or go wild and use something from your pantry, pasta is a good choice , or nuts, or candies...

Here are some of my inspiration places, check it out, these ladies are amazing!

Brook from All Things Thrifty


Gwynn from gwynnwassondesigns

Have a happy crazy crafting my friends!!!

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