Thursday, November 24, 2011

One Pear Please

This post is about how I manage to realize my ideas.
You will soon learn that my middle name is Stubborn and for a good reason.
I like some challenge along the way. There's always a good chance something beautiful will be created.

The Idea

 The idea was to create play food , for my girls to play with in their little kitchen. By now, my girls think I can make anything they want. Ha...nothing like a challenge from my own kids right?
So we went on a little shopping spree and came home with a bag full of pears, apples, tomatoes, one lemon and one pumpkin. Let the fun begin!

The process

Like with anything else around sewing , you need a pattern to begin your project. I decided to come up with my own design and pattern instead of buying one. What a better start than the object I'm making right?Pear in this case. So I wrapped the pear with blue painters tape and cut it in half,four  and six pieces like this:

 Just so you get a better idea of the process:

Next, I pealed the blue tape off the cut-up pear, placed them on white paper, traced the blue tape edges on the paper and cut up the pattern from the paper.
These are my start up pattern piece I used to cut up from the fabric.

Now the question is, will it work?

Only one way to find out, try and try and try and try...This is where my stubborn side kicked in. I did try to make the pear like FIVE PEARING TIMES!!! Getting there...getting there...

Pear One , Take One: too skinny and too small; so I adjusted the pattern piece to be longer and wider. Here I'm still working with the 1/4 piece of a pear. I sewed four pieces together.
Pear One,Take Two:little bit better, not there yet!Still, 1/4 of a pear piece, four pieces together. This is when I decided to go ahead and try to make one with six pieces sewed together.Next picture.

Pear One,Take Three: now this is one fat pear. Back to the  drawing board, adjusting. This is a 1/6 of a pear piece, six pieces sewed together.
And Finally: The Pear!!!

Did I mention my middle name is Stubborn?

From this...

To this!

I do have couple other ideas what to do with this pattern, but first I have to find out how to copyright my idea. Any idea how?

So , for now I'll have One Pear Please !!!
And off to make a Tomato, Pumpkin, Apple,Lemon...

Sew the first three pieces together, than the second three pieces together , now sew them together to form the pear, leaving 1.5 inch opening on the side for stuffing;
Use Poly-Fill to stuff the pear;
Cut out two leaves(one little bit bigger) out of green canvas and purple felt, sew them together;
The stem is brown felt;
All the pieces are attached on top of the pear, see photo above.

You can purchase a very similar pattern from this amazing lady HERE or you can make one yourself.  

For this post I played around with this online photo editing program I love it!Check it out , it's awesome and FREE!!!


  1. This is BEAUTIFUL!!! Your girls are so lucky to have such a creative mama!

  2. Love how you showed readers each step. Wonderful!