Thursday, June 7, 2012

Story Of A Chair

There's this chair now

And it was like this, on the side of the road, alone.

The chair was given to me from a friend of mine. I knew it can be a lot happier place to sit on than what it was. So here it goes the transformation of this one brown and ordinary chair.

First off, clean it up from dust, spider webs or any other goodies on it.
Next, sand it all down to a nice smooth surface.
My plan for this chair was to have a beach like feel , light blue color, gently distressed to perfection. Yeah, most projects a completely done in my head long before I start the project. Weird? You don't say!!!

As you can see I have removed the bottom rocking pieces from the legs to make it more stable to work on.
Here you can see the water marks on the chair, I always clean the pieces with damp cloth , removes all the dust from the sanding process. I didn't sand all the way down to the wood grain, I wanted the brown wood showing at the end.

Prime with primer(Kilz works like a charm), let it dry, sand it lightly with fine sand paper.

Prop the furniture on wood blocks or such, you don't want it stuck on the floor.

I used Valspar brand spray paint in satin for this project. Went through 4 cans of it.

And it goes like this...lalalala la spray paint, let it dry, lightly sand between coats, clean with damp cloth, let it dry and again...repeat after me spray paint, let it dry...until you get to the look you desire.

I used 150 MED sand block to distress this chair to my liking and sealed the paint job with Minwax paste finishing wax rubbed on with cotton towel, wipe on and buff after process.
Let it dry.

Take pictures! 

Brag about it!

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  1. What a great has a beautiful ending! Love what you do...thank you for sharing.