Saturday, February 2, 2013

Stool Cool

Stool...a very cool one indeed:

I'm not kidding...

The beginning of these stools was not so cool. Take a look:

At some point, people found out, I love old furniture and started dropping off stuff. At one time there was more furniture in my basement than in my actual living space; and I even have dear friends who would call to let me know there's a desk or a chair by the side of the road. I consider this being lucky.
So, that's how I got these two, friend of mine didn't want them anymore, but I did.

Fabric and tools needed
I only removed the old lather-like fabric from around it and left the top since it was in perfect shape but not so pretty(like in the top stool)


For the top of the stool
1. Cut a piece of fabric big enough to go over the edge of the stool
2. Staple around with staple gun
3. Cut the extra fabric off

For the around portion of the stool:
1.Cut a piece of fabric that will go all around the stool with extra for folding at the ends
2. Fold 1/2 inch of the edge and put this side down right under the finished top(photo 2)
3. Start on one side and stretch the fabric over(not too much, you don't want wrinkles)
4.Hammer the first and last pin in (photo 3), this will hold the fabric in place
5. Finish the side by hammering down the rest of the pins
6. Repeat for all the sides

1.Finish the ends with fabric glue
2. Staple the fabric under the stool(photo 2)
3.Paint the legs black. DONE

And yes, I do love it.

Until next time my peeps,
Love ,

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