Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rainbow Wand

Little Rainbow Wand

My little girl is obsessed with Rainbow Dash and anything rainbows. This project is part of the decorations we are going to have for her upcoming B-day party.
I made 16 of these little colorful wands for all of her friends to play with at the party.
Very easy and fun to do.

 1. Get rainbow colors ribbon(Dollar store) and cut them in 10-11in ,as many as you need;
 2.Lollipop Sticks(JoAnn)
 3. Put the ribbon one on top of the other in the rainbow order and sew one end together;
 4. Finish the other end of all the ribbon with pinking sheers

1.Cut out cloud shape from card stock, use it to trace it on white felt
2.Sew two pieces of cloud shapes together(you can hot glue if you want ) leaving 1/2in opening
3. Fill the cloud with little bit of poly-fill

1.Hot glue the lollipop stick at the top end
2. Put it inside the filled cloud(through the 1/2in opening)
3.Hot glue it closed. DONE!

Now go and make 100 more :0)

I got this idea from this blog HERE. She has done a wonderful job. Check it out!

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