Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Simple Love

All I Need Is Love
(and some paper)
These little hearts will be a backdrop for a rainbow party.
Simple, colorful and beautiful.
The best part is they can be used for years to come for many birthdays or Valentine parties.
1.Extra large punch  (you can get it at JoAnn's or any other craft store)
2.Stack of colored craft card stock(WalMart)
3. Punch through two pieces of paper at once (I cut long strips of paper first)
When I was done with cutting all the hearts out(that doesn't sound right), I had free love all over the place,lots of love to go around.
Leave a long end of thread before sewing the first heart;
I was making a rainbow garland so I put the hearts in rainbow order, from the top: red,orange,yellow,green,blue and purple(with a white heart between the rainbows).
Sew them together as many as you wish making sure you leave 1/2 in between each heart so they hang nicely when put up. DONE

Have a Simple And  Lovely Valentine's Day My Friends .


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