Sunday, March 30, 2014

Martha's Table

For the love of wood,
I saved a table.
This table is known as Martha's table because it was given to me by my dear neighbor Martha. It had some nail polish spilled all over the top and bottom. It is a beautiful table to begin with so I knew I could try and save it.  

Monday, March 24, 2014

Dump'STAR' Table

Do you know what happiness is? Finding a piece of furniture for free.
Do you know who's happy?  Me finding that piece of furniture. And fixing it up . And feeling proud of my work while

I call it DumpSTAR table because it was rescued from a trip to the dumpster. I love the neighborhood dumpster day that happens once a year, when everyone throws away what they don't want. Oh it's shopping day for me.(Did I say that out loud?)
This little table was going to the dumpster, but made a turn on the way and showed up at my garage.

It was not very pretty, but look at the legs and it's Thomasville table. Worth saving in my book.
 The process:

Friday, March 14, 2014

Black is Beautiful

Black can be dreadful and dark.
I like black.
I like it when it's beautiful.
Like this

This buffet was in a very plain and just ok state when I bought it. It was not exciting . It was nothing special. I don't mind simple, but it bothers me when it's not trying and showing it's full potential.

My cat was happy and didn't like me messing with her castle so to speak.
The finish had to go. So did the cat.
The process of becoming fabulous: