Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Etched Glass Bottle - Horse

I always wonder how things work and often come to realize that not many things are impossible to do if you try.
This time around I will show you how to etch glass.

Supplies you will need:

-Rubber Gloves(safety)
-Small Brush
-Glass Object(I reused Modelo brand beer bottles)

-Picture you want to etch, the size you want(horse in this project)

-Clear Contact Paper(I got mine at Target, in the kitchen organizing section), cut little bigger than the picture you are etching

-Armour Etch Cream(craft store)

Please read WARNING on this bottle

-Sharp knife

Let's get started:

1. Clean and dry bottles
2. Put the contact paper on the bottle, where you want the picture to show like this:

Note: push out any air bubbles from the area where the picture will be.
3. Tape the picture on top of the contact paper:

4. Start cutting around the picture all the way to the glass part(you are cutting the picture paper
    and the contact paper)

5. Remove paper

6.Remove contact paper THE PICTURE PART

This is what it looks like so far:

Note: Make sure the outlines of the picture are still stuck down good on the glass, press down all around the cut-out picture

7.Put on gloves
   Read the instructions on the Armour Etch Cream
   For this step work in a well ventilated area or outside
   Do not touch the etch cream with your hands it will BURN
   Protect the surface where you are working(put newspapers down or plastic cover)
   With a small brush apply the cream over the cutout picture portion like this:

  8. Let it sit for 15-30 min
  9. Rinse with water(keep your gloves on for this step too)
      (Before rinsing the etched cream , I scraped the excess cream off and put it back in its bottle to
      be reused later on, this stuff was little pricey )
 10. And Voila!!!

Note: Wash and dry the bottles in a dishwasher before first use.

You can use the bottles to serve drinks , to put flowers in or just for decoration. Enjoy!

I used the bottles to serve lemonade in, for my little girl's Cowgirl Birthday Party.

Cheers My Friends!!!

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