Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jar Pin Up Cushion

Since I've started posting about my crazy sleepless crafting sewing nights, I've inspired people around me to  buy a sewing machine and try their luck in making something . Makes me smile.

I started sewing because I had to fix my pants, I'm 5ft 2in tall(or should I say short) so I learned how to sew on my mom's sewing machine , reading the manual.
So, to say thank you to all my dear friends who share my passion I made and gave away Jar Pin Up Cushions.

I had some failed pickling jars on hand and used them for this very easy and cute craft.

Jar lid has two parts, this is the kind you need
Trace the inner jar piece on cardboard paper like this:

Cut it out with pinking sheers(finally got a pair)

I love the pinking sheers

 This is what you have so far:

Cut out another circle out of a cardboard, trace it on fabric(iron the fabric before), cut it:

It should be at least twice the size of the little circle

Get some poly-fill and let's put it together

Place the fabric circle on the big lid piece and push it gently to form a cushion outwards:

Now place the little lid part in the back:

I just realized how dry my hands are
Here it is now:

Put hot glue close to the middle to hold the fabric down:

You want the fabric to go close to the middle like shown,
this way it won't bunch all up at the edge
Avoid putting hot glue by the edge, put it close to the middle, under the fabric

Hot Glue the paper circle on by putting hot glue close to the center, not the edges:

You want to leave the edges free of hot glue(and bunched up fabric) as much as possible, this way you are going to be able to put the lid back onto the jar without problem. Also don't put glue under the big piece of the lid(the step when you push the fabric in), no need for this, once the jar is closed it stays put nicely.

You are DONE.

Now put some ribbon, tread, buttons and some needles and pins in the jar and it's ready to go!!!

Happy Sewing My Friends!!!

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