Monday, February 13, 2012

Cowgirl Birthday Invitation

My baby girl Ema is turning three years old and she is over her mane and hooves for horses and ponies and creatures alike. So, we are having a Cowgirl Birthday Party.

Let The Gallop Begin!!!

 For photo editing in this post I used Picnik again, too bad they are closing soon. is what I did to create this simple and sophisticated birthday invitation.

The Idea

I wanted a simple and nice look to it, so I went and got some light brown(off white) burlap from Joann's($2.50 on sale) and paired it with light blue and light brown craft paper(had this in my stash). Ema asked for blue color so blue it is.

The Process
I.The computer work as it follows:

First off decide on what you want to say on your invitation. This invitation has two parts:

Part I-Invitation part

Part II-Party Details

Now to come to this,first I had to save a graphic design I liked that I found online(don't remember where) on my computer. Here it is:

Than, using online editing program) I uploaded my saved graphic design file and was able to add text around the design. Easy heh? And free. Print as many invitation as you need.

II. Putting it together
Cut out horses(also found online) from paper you like.

Gallop Gallop
All you need

Glue the horse in the middle of the Invitation :

Let it dry
Glue the Invitation on the blue piece of paper:

This piece is bigger than the invitation piece
in order to create border
After this, get your burlap ready:

Note: cut it in squares bigger than what you need it at the end(again to create border), when ironing make sure you protect the ironing board and your iron by placing a piece of fabric you don't care for(white cotton will do), this step is sticky sticky.
When it's cool it stiffens and it works great for our next and final step.
Hot glue you invitation on the stiffened piece of burlap:

Trim the burlap to creating a border around

Hot glue the Party Details piece in the back

All Ready to Gallop Away

I'm more than happy how it turned out. Love it!!! Makes me smile. A lot.

And for the final touch I wrapped them in brown paper and hot glued the horseshoes I made before  HERE

Hope you like it and will give it a gallop or two and make some for yourself.

Happy Birthday My Sweet Little Ema !!!

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