Monday, January 23, 2012

Mod Podge Horseshoes Crafty Joy

Have you heard about Mod Podge?
It's this glue like stuff you can put on fabric or paper that dries clear making a protective, durable coat(when used on top of the paper or fabric) and it's super easy and fun to work with.
Here is what I made using Mod Podge:

The Idea

This project is part of many projects for a Western Cowgirl B-day party I plan on this coming March.
My little girl is turning three and she is in love with horses and ponies. So I came up with the idea to decorate horseshoes for the party. And they turned out beautiful:

The Process

This process is very easy and simple. With just a few cheap supplies you can make something like this:

I bought wooden horseshoes(thin wood cut outs) from Joann Fabric Store, sold $0.29 each.

I picked a piece of paper I liked(any paper will do) and used one of the horseshoes to trace the pattern down on the back side of the paper like this:

Cut out the paper pieces out with a pair of scissors and here is a photo of all the supplies needed for this project:

Now, put a thin layer of ModPodge on one side of the wooden horseshoe with a brush and position one paper cut-out on top(smooth out any air bubbles), let it dry for 15min(work on the other pieces while you wait).
I wanted to protect the top of the paper (more durable) so I put a thin layer of ModPodge on top of the paper as well. Let it dry for 30min to an hour(until the surface doesn't feel sticky). Brush on ModPodge one or two more times, letting it dry  between layers.  DONE!!!

I repeated the whole process on the other side of the horseshoes using a different color paper, it makes it more fun.


I use parchment paper to dry the pieces on, this way they don't stick to the surface(table, oops) and don't get pieces of other paper stuck on them while they dry(like newspaper, not pretty).
Also, I have only used Gloss ModPodge and I know they sell Non-Gloss ModPodge(any craft store) , so my project ended up having glossy finish on top(doesn't matter for the purpose) but you may want to try the non glossy stuff if that's your preference.
Anyhow, just because I am so proud of my crafty joy project here's another photo(I do take lots of photos,don't I? ) :

This little cute pieces of joy can be used as party favors, pinata fillers, decorations, table name placements, invitations(tie them to paper invitations with little twine) or as simple as an idea for a rainy day kids friendly project on a budget. Now you can start calling me cheap or frugal!!!

Smiles, Cheers and Joy from me to you !!! 

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  1. Hi! May I ask what size your horseshoes are? Thank you.

    1. Hi Carol,

      I bought them from JoAnn's and they are around 3in by 4in . They have them at the wooden crafty section with the wooden letters and such. I'm sure you can find them at any other crafty store.
      Have fun!