Junky Joy, a Journey to beautiful home décor and furniture, WELCOMES YOU.
My name is Roza and I believe everything has a potential to become beautiful and create joy at some point. This is the journey, one piece of furniture at a time.
I was born and raised in Macedonia, a small and beautiful country. I moved to the USA in 2006 and have been here since. Now I live in Maryland with my husband and two daughters, where creating art and everyday memories is my sense of having home.
I am passionately dedicated to bringing new life and joy to once well-loved furniture and making it beautiful and useful once more. My medium of choice is all wood furniture, paint and color all around, wood stains, fabric, paper and stencil.
I do not believe we just wake up one day and start creating. It is in all of us. We all have it, in some form or another. It is a matter of embracing it.
My creative love and passion just happens to be for vintage furniture and home décor.
I vividly remember building paper doll houses with my sister, trucks out of broken bricks, and a whole imaginary world. I was just lucky enough to keep that creativity alive and turn it into a passion I can now share.

My inspiration comes from my surroundings, my garden and family, and the people I meet with that similar creative passion.
Enjoy your junktiques,




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