Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Sweet Tooth Wreath

I made one...

and I love it!!!
Now, I had to put this one way up high because my 3yr old doesn't understand why would I waste so many candies. Neither do I.

This wreath is definitely for inside. The sweet corn is way to soft and fragile to be put outside.

The Process:

You will need one foam or straw wreath(get one at any craft store), any size you like.
I used a straw wreath(Michael's, $2.50 or less if you get it with coupon).
Wrap it with ribbon(I used light pink ribbon). If you buy a white foam you don't have to wrap it.
Hot glue the valentine corn onto the wreath in the desired direction(about 2lb, $2.50 from WalMart)

And Voila!!! Done!!!

I used more of the pink ribbon to tie a bow and hang it.

Simple and Beautiful


Definitely seasonal wreath, don't know how long it will last, maybe if you spray it with protective coat of clear poly it will last for more than one season.I like it the way it is even if it is for one year.

Hope you like it too and will give it a go!!!

The little paper angel you see in the pictures is a free printable template from Jenny from Allsorts . Check it out and give Jenny some love.

Happy Love Day Everyone
And Do Please Treat Yourself And Your Loved Ones With Some Sweet Tooth Goodies!!!

Update: still looks like the day I made it, used every Valentine for decorations indoors and stored in a box when not use. We are 2014 now.

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