Monday, May 7, 2012

Pillowcase Sleep Shirt

I made something. Something that brings smiles while sleeping. Soft old pillowcases turned into beautiful sleep shirts for my girls.

The story of a pillowcase:

We've had this pillowcase for a long long time. I believe my mother-in-law hand-stitched the flowers on it. I didn't have the heart to give it away and knew it can be something special.

Here's how to make one:

Cut from the closed end of the pillow.
Keep in mind how long you want the sleep shirt to be.
I measured my model from under the armpits to down below the knees and came up with how long the shirt should be.
It is up to you how long or short you make it.
I took 6in from the closed end of the pillow.


 Finish the edge.


Run a long wide stitch around the finished top.
Leave the threads long enough for you to grab onto.
Measure your model all around the chest area(just bellow armpits).Let's say 20in.
 Add one inch to this for comfort 20+1= 21in  total.
This is how wide you want it to be. 
Pull onto one of the long wide stitch threads so you to get to 21in total, like this:

How it looks so far

Get a pretty little lace:

Stitch the lace on top:
(you can embellish the bottom of the pillow case with lace if you want, mine was already embellished)

Get your model back(if you can) to measure how far apart and how long the shoulder straps to be.
Mine were 10in long(cut two).

Front: 3in from the end on both sides

Back: 4in from the end on both sides
Doing this makes it fit better

Pin the straps and top stitch in place:

Step back and enjoy your handy work. Smile.

Stitch by stitch,
Lullaby and
Sweet Dreams.

Until next time, with love my friends.

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