Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Green Bookshelf Tutorial

I bought this bookshelf two years ago for $8. It sat in the "Store For Old Furniture"(the basement as my hubby calls it), looking like this:

In my head it was done and beautiful from the moment I saw it. Most of my projects are played, replayed and finished in my head many times and long before I grab the sander and the paintbrush.

Step by step how I did it:

Light sanding down all over(gets the surface better to paint, in my opinion);
Primed it,with a brush(important step, covers ugly flowers and blemishes)
Let it dry completely;
Sanded it down with fine sandpaper for smooth finish before painting:

I used three cans of spray paint for this project over couple of days work, sanding it down after every coat of paint for smooth and nice to touch finish.
At the end I rubbed on MINWAX Paste Finishing Wax with a soft cloth and after it was dry I polished it and sat down with a class of homemade beer to enjoy my handy work. Cheers!!!

Note: when applying wax do a very light coat and wipe it down . No layers.
The back of the shelf had a thin wooden piece with two holes in it. I had planned to cover it with fabric from the beginning. I chose the fern green color because I had a specific fabric in mind.

I sprayed the back of the thin wooden piece with craft spray glue which held the batting down in place long enough to cover it with the fabric. I glued the fabric down again with craft glue. I didn't need strong glue because it was being stapled down onto the bookshelf with staple gun.

The batting gives it a soft feel.
I love this fabric.

Now all the Lalaloopsy people have a place to sit and party together.

Have fun my friends!
Until next time
with love,

Note: I used Picmonkey to edit the photos. Check it out , it's fun.

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