Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fun Easy Easter Eggs

I Love Easter!!!

Wax Circles Egg
Sticker Egg
Leaf Egg
How to do it, step by step:

Small hole on one end

Big hole on the other end
Blow out the inside content
Repeat with all
Rinse and put in pot with water
Bring to boil, 5min, remove the white foam from the top
This sanitizes the eggs
Take a break and make yourself an omelet :0)
Dry eggs

Now to the fun part:
I. Sticker Egg

Cut out shapes (sticky paper)
Stick it on egg
Dye the egg, color you want
Remove the stickers

II. Wax Egg

Draw circles or other shapes
Dye the egg

III. Leaf Eggs

Collect interesting leaves

Wrap eggs with stretchy fabric(tights)
Dye eggs
Remove fabric and leaves

Fill the eggs with confetti
Close up the big end with sticker

Crack them up on someone's head!!!

Keep Cracking My Friends!!!

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  1. Fabulous - I'll start crackin'!

  2. Just browsing...wishing you were here to help me Easter Egg deco! Our grade school use to sell the confetti eggs as a fundraiser - the parking lot was a mess for ever but it was so fun!!! Love the pics of the girls!