Friday, March 14, 2014

Black is Beautiful

Black can be dreadful and dark.
I like black.
I like it when it's beautiful.
Like this

This buffet was in a very plain and just ok state when I bought it. It was not exciting . It was nothing special. I don't mind simple, but it bothers me when it's not trying and showing it's full potential.

My cat was happy and didn't like me messing with her castle so to speak.
The finish had to go. So did the cat.
The process of becoming fabulous:
I vacuumed the dust off and wiped it down with damp paper towels(I love the blue shop towels you find at hardware stores, tough and durable, no fibers left, I use them all the time.)
I used my new orbital sander with medium grid sand pads to give the whole piece a good scrub and scuff.
Wiped it all down again.
I wanted to be able to see some white showing through so I went and primed the whole piece with a nice water base primer, Zinsser is my choice. Also this gives the final coat a good chance to stay put and surface to grip to. Primer sticks to base, paint sticks to primer.
The paint choice was an Oops paint, a gallon of it from Home Depot I picked up while back. It's black finish with some dark dark green sheen to it, almost velvety like look to it. Love it and knew it's the perfect choice for this piece.
I put two coats of paint(let it dry completely between coats) and finished it off with water base poly for durability.
 Done and ready as a pie on a holiday day.


Now that's a beautiful black in my book.
Love to all and until next time,

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