Sunday, March 30, 2014

Martha's Table

For the love of wood,
I saved a table.
This table is known as Martha's table because it was given to me by my dear neighbor Martha. It had some nail polish spilled all over the top and bottom. It is a beautiful table to begin with so I knew I could try and save it.  

After searching online for different ways to remove nail polish without getting the finish off the table  and coming short on answers, I decided to just sand it down to raw wood and re-stain  the wood.

As you can see I did not touch the sides of the legs, I figured it will add some interest if it had two tones of wood stain .

Taped the sides where I didn't want the stain to be like in the photo above. I was happy to see that I'm working on Ethan Allen table ;0)

These are the products I used to restore this table:


Here is the end result :

Martha's table is like new and very happy in my home.

Until next time...

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