Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chair-Easy Fix

Sometimes projects show up in my back yard, like this chair.
My friend asked me if I could do something about this chair and fix it.So she dropped it off in my back yard. Beauty!!!I didn't even have to drive to Goodwill for a project(the junk/treasure stash in the basement doesn't count, or the garage , or the Art room. get it.)
To be honest with you I couldn't wait to put my hands on it. The job was done in couple of hours.
Here is the before and the after shots:

The Process:

My friend already had a fabric in mind , a leftover dress red silky one, which it didn't work, reason being a very light and not suitable for a staple gun. So I decided to open up the fabric closet and choose something that is medium weight and fun.

First I had to remove what was left of the leather, not difficult to do at all.With my little buddy screwdriver I managed to pull every single staple out of the chair's base and was able to remove and reuse the black mash fabric without a problem.

The chair was left with a nice gray fabric underneath,so from here on, it was onto the beautiful fabric.
I used my faithful staple gun to staple the fabric on the chair base(bottom view) and re-staple back on the mesh black fabric to cover the wood showing , so it looks just like the photo above but with a new fabric.

The one thing you have to be careful when doing this kind of work is the edges, make sure you plan where the folds will show(if any, bigger corners, more difficult to stretch the fabric around without edges showing) and make sure to pull on the fabric so it is nice and smooth without any ugly wrinkles on the top of the chair. That will be ugly, ugly. So flip the seat around and check from time to time.
Pull, pull, pull on the fabric just enough, it is very important!
I always make sure to have a nice flat surface to work on(floor) and always make sure to put a blanket of some sort so you don't mess up the fabric with stains. And Voila!!!

I am very happy how this project turned out.

I have created a modern, sharp, fun and DON'T SIT ON MY CHAIR Joy!!!



  1. Draga Roze,

    PREUBABO!!!! Orginslno, moderno, prekrasno i ednostavno sovrseno. Naj naj cooolllll e toa sto e napraveno od nesto sto mislis deka nesluzi veke za nisto. Samo napred i ti posakuvam mnogu uspeh. Te guskam. Keti

  2. Well done Roza. The chair turned out really cute. I can't wait to see more of your creative ideas. Dorothy