Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday Horse Wreath

For the love of horses,
and a good friend's request,
I made this.
I like making things, using my hands to create something that will be appreciated and loved, most of all something that will bring smile to someone's face.
One of my dear friends asked me to recreate something like this .
It took a trip to Michael's and Joann's and two nights and I made this. Even better, it goes to one of her best friends , as a Christmas present.
I love the beauty and simplicity of it.
I couldn't get my hands on fresh greenery so I used what I could find at the craft store, Joann's and Michael's. Best time to buy the supplies will be before Christmas since everything goes on sale.
Here's how I made it:
Continue putting branches on the canvas until the whole shape is filled up. Use one type of branches for the head and long kind of greenery for the mane(attach with wire).   
I removed all the pine cones from the branches, this way they are not all over, without order.
Next I used some of the small pieces of the greenery and formed an ear which was again attached the same way.
At places where it looked like there were holes, I simply used pieces of the branches and hot glue to fill them in.
(If some branches are out of order you can glue them down with hot glue).
Decorate with ribbon and some of the pine cones.
Here's the first one I made:
And here's the second one
For the love of horses,
and a good friend's request,
I made a horse head.
Have a good one,
'till next time.

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