Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Airforce Symbol Dresser

I know a little boy who likes airplanes and snap peas from my garden. I made this dresser for him. His mom said, I like this dresser so much that I believe he will take it with him to college. I don't think I have ever gotten such a nice compliment about my work.

I love the colors and the simple white, red, blue and gold on the hardware.
The process:

The dresser was in a great condition, Drexel, interesting drawers size. Perfect.

I lightly sanded it down, primed it and put a shellac coat on it before painting it with Annie Sloan old white(two coats). I wanted it perfectly ready and white before the decal placement.
Placed the decal(ordered from Amazon)

I cut out the middle circle out, it's going to be painted red.


I used a scalpel to cut out and separate the drawers and also to cut out the blue portion out. Left the white star portion on.

The decal removed some of the paint, which it didn't matter, it's going to be painted blue anyway.
After this, I painted the red portion with Emperor's silk by Annie Sloan and the blue portion with Napoleonic Blue by Annie Sloan(it needed two coats for full coverage).
After drying, I removed the decal from the star portion and was left with perfectly distressed star, didn't plan on it but so happy it happened.  

Here it is after this

I finished it off by lightly distressing it and sealed it with two coats of water-based poly. The hardware was refreshed with Rub and buff in antique gold.

I love how it turned out and I'm even more happy to know there's a little boy with a smile on his face. And snap peas in his tummy.
Until next time my friends!
With love,



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