Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pirate Ship Dresser

I am a very lucky girl. I love junk and my husband loves getting it for me, going to auctions and loading our van with stuff. I told you, I am a very lucky girl.

Except that from time to time he comes home with something that only my 5 year old gets excited about:

It's going to be a parrot desk Mommy!!!

Best day ever!!!
Or this:
Very sad and plain boring.
So the desk sat in the hm hm the basement for a long time, until I did this dresser  for a friend;  the use of a decal on furniture along with watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates show for the I-don't-want-to-know-how many-times with my kids, I had an idea. A Pirate Ship Dresser.

 So here it is now:
The process:
I bought the decal from etsy  and placed it on the dresser like this :

I used Annie Sloan chalk paint for the outside of the dresser in Napoleonic Blue(beautiful color), and used up two whole samples :(
I used General Finishes paint for the drawers in Antique White(two coats), removed the decal, distressed it and gave it a coat of GF Van Dyke glaze and sealed it with top coat, again GF.


Up for grabs, contact me if interested.
Until next time,


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