Friday, August 22, 2014

Second Calling of a Chair

I was at Goodwill one day and came across this sad looking, orange colored, fur covered chair.

I stopped and stared at it and talked myself into walking away from such mess.  I was back at Goodwill couple days later and there she was, waiting for me. It was destiny really.  I accepted the second calling(so to speak) and brought her home.

It really was a mess.

Really, not kidding.

And here it is now:

Wasn't the easiest project I've done , but it felt good to finish it.
First off , if you find yourself doing a project like this, first thing you have to do is get your tetanus shot pronto LOL. Tons of nails and staples and tacks to remove. Somehow I always end up with a scratch or two, or more .
Second, take lots of pictures, LOTS AND LOTS.
I used this pictures to get the project back together , it's easy to strip everything in a hurry and guess how it went together. I don't have professional upholstery training(one day for sure) so I found those pictures very helpful when I was ready to put the chair back together.
I took and tossed everything from this chair because it was very dirty and yucky. After that I put everything back together. One step at a time.
This is when the panic hit, when I was left just with this:
   First I painted the frame white and attached the fabric on the back like this:

After that I had to cover all the buttons with the new fabric, one by one by hand. Sloooooow work :
Reupholstered the back part and the front.

And put the whole chair together.

Now , onto all the chair I have brought home to save. One at a time.
Until next time my friends,
Enjoy your junktiques,



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